Find Out More about UK Designed USA Made Bronze Foundry Cast Plaques

  • Designed in the UK
  • Foundry Cast in the USA
  • 3D Mockups for Easy Design Approval
  • No Overseas Shipping Cost

UK Designed Custom Bronze Plaques Now Available In The USA

You can now buy our custom bronze plaques in the USA. You are just minutes away from discovering how easy it is to do...

A bronze pet memorial tree plaque. The bronze pet memorial tree plaque we designed for Susan Miller. Click image to enlarge.

"Not only is the plaque beautiful, it's also very substantial and obviously made of high quality material and workmanship to last a lifetime. It's really everything I'd hoped for and more, and something that will be very special for us to honor of the memory of our two sweet little Yorkies. Thank you so much for all of your help and patience in helping me to create the perfect memory plaque."

Susan Miller

Salem, Alabama


Quality Service

Our custom bronze plaques have until now only been available in the UK. We are now working with suppliers in the USA making it possible for you to experience the same quality service enjoyed by our satisfied clients here in the UK.

How It Works

The process is simple. You place your order with us. We walk you through the designing of your plaque. We keep in touch mainly by email but if you like we could talk on the telephone or skype. You'll see the artwork as it develops. Once you are happy we will send your artwork to our suppliers in the U.S. In around 6 weeks time after you have approved the artwork you will have your plaque delivered.

How We Do It

Because of recent technological developments we can computer design your product in the UK. We can virtually sculpt the look of your plaque. You will see your design in 3d digital bronze giving you a good idea how your foundry cast plaque will look. We deliver the finished computer model to the U.S. Finally a replica of the computer model is cast in foundry bronze, finished and delivered to you.

You Save International Shipping Costs

You don't need to worry about international shipping costs because your plaque is made in the USA. This allows us to offer you our designs at a reasonable price.

You Save On Sales Taxes

There are no sales taxes on your order because we are selling to you from the UK. We don't pay sales taxes on purchases from our U.S. suppliers and we don't have to charge Value Added Tax on our sales to you. This means you save both ways.

Available To Order Now

So that's how you can experience our quality service. Now you know how you can have our custom designs brought to your door please have a look at our bronze plaque pages. We look forward to you ordering from us soon.